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Merlin Fic Master List

Quick Notes:
-I tried to split the fics into categories (by ship and then type) to make it more manageable and a bit easier to find things (hopefully). I can’t promise the sorting is perfect but I tried my best.
-Also note that the “Series” category trumps all other categories. (So if a series & AU, it’s in the Series category, etc)
-Please let me know if any of the links don’t work or something. It was a lot of copy&pasting.

***Last updated: 11/21/2010***

Arthur/GwenCollapse )
--SeriesCollapse )
--Modern & Non-Canon-Era AUCollapse )
--AU Camelot/Rendered AU by S2 or S3/Incorrect Speculation FicCollapse )
--Could Have Happened aka Missing Scenes or Pre-SeriesCollapse )
--Could Happen aka Future!fic & Near Future!ficCollapse )

Balinor/HunithCollapse )

Gwaine/GwenCollapse )

Merlin/MorganaCollapse )

Morgana/LeonCollapse )

Seeking Brit-picker!

Gwen/Arthur. Modern AU. 1000 words or more. I'd hope to get it Brit-picked and posted by the end of the week.

Charity Fan auction for Somalia

There's a fan auction at helpsomalia.

I'm offering fic! If you would like to bid, go here.

Birthday stuff

Been away from the computer for... idk 36 hours? Yesterday for Dan Radcliffe's my birthday I went to the beach and then went to bars with 2 friends (I turned 21!). And although I wasn't terribly hungover today (despite drinking heavily), I didn't feel like doing much more than lounging on the couch, reading A Storm of Swords (I'm past pg 500), and laughing with my roommates about the shitshow that was me at the end of last night.

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes: hmsharmony, starry_laa, jjazz59, shootingsta31, and robinmarian.
I got the four Fire & Ice books I ordered yesterday in the mail. ($20 for the set of them, not shabby, especially considering that the wait for them when I was going to request them from the library would have taken FOREVER). I had to contain my glee when one housemate told me I got a package.

I started to read the second one, just because I got so impatient over the past month I didn’t think I could wait until after I’d read the first one as planned. I’ve also done a bit of skipping ahead to read Arya’s first several chapters, out of just plain wanting to read her parts and figuring it wouldn’t give too much away about other things since she’s mostly cut off from everyone else and the war and all that. If you don’t count those, I’m otherwise on page ~250, out of 969.

Cut for length. I made spoilers for the second book blocked out so that you have to highlight to read. That’s because I have thoughts that pertain to the series as a whole and GoT and would love to share mine and hear yours.Collapse )

Fic: A Witch's Vengeance

Title: A Witch’s Vengeance - A Sequel to A Queen’s Vengeance
Fandom: Merlin
Characters: Morgana, Merlin, Mordred, Morgause, bit of Gwen & Arthur; Merlin/Morgana & background G/A
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4,981
Warning: Character deaths, sexual content, somewhat graphic depictions of violence
Disclaimer: If Merlin were mine, Merlin and Morgana would have done the deed a long time ago.
Spoilers: For series 1-3. Disregard anything you’ve heard about S4.
Summary: This is a sequel to A Queen’s Vengeance so I’d suggest you read it first. (It’s only 1,000 words) – Morgana seeks to avenge Merlin. Meanwhile flashbacks reveal the development of their relationship.
A/N: You know how tv shows will suddenly create a backstory that makes you go “Hey you just made that up. No way this was the plan from the beginning”? (See Elyan being Gwen’s brother or in Robin Hood S3 with Guy and Robin’s boyhood history.) Well that’s how this happened after A Queen’s Vengeance.

Morgana had realized before that he secretly enjoyed flaunting his powers, something he wasn’t ever allowed to do before in Camelot. Magic was who he was and after repressing it for so many years he needed an outlet, someone to share it with. She thought it was why he was so willing to teach her even if he did consider her to be evil.Collapse )

Fic: A Queen's Vengeance

Title: A Queen’s Vengeance
Fandom: Merlin
Characters: Gwen, Arthur, Morgana, Mordred, bit of Morgause, Gwaine, & Leon
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,028
Warning: Character deaths
Disclaimer: If Merlin were mine, Gwen would be an equal character with Merlin and Arthur because she is totes awesome-sauce.
Spoilers: For series 1-3. Disregard anything you’ve heard about S4.
Summary: When Arthur becomes determined to avenge Merlin’s death by putting his own life at risk, Gwen seeks help from an unlikely source.
A/N: Written awhile ago for an Arthur/Gwen themed Last Author Standing (it won 3rd place). The prompt was this picture, which I decided wasn’t a particularly happy circumstance considering Arthur’s expression. I’m posting this before I get to posting the other LAS fics because I feel like posting the sequel I wrote to this.

Merlin’s death turned Arthur into a different man – one whom his own wife often did not recognize. Whereas his father had sought vengeance on every person of magic in the kingdom, Arthur only wanted one sorcerer. Collapse )
Nothing quite invigorates you at 4:15 in the morning (when you only went to sleep at 2:30) like a cat peeing on your bed.

She got trapped in my room. So okay, a little bit of my fault. But I have no idea where she was hiding that I didn't see her. And then instead of meowing to let me know that she was locked in and needed to get out to use her litterbox, she just decided to pee on my bed. No warning, just peed.

I felt her jump up on my bed and - in my half asleep brain - assumed that I'd not pulled my door fully shut. (I need to pull the door tight for it to latch, or else she's able to push the door open.) She walked up next to me, and a little while later, jumped down. Then I moved my hand and felt something WET and WARM on my bed. And I just thought OH FUCK, THAT HAD BETTER NOT BE...

Jumped up, turned on light. Indeed, it was pee. Let the cat out of my room. Stripped my bed, put bedding in wash. (I'd been meaning to clean my sheets for ages, so at least she didn't pee on recently laundered sheets?)
Looked up ways to clean cat pee from mattresses on the internet. Cleaned the cat pee from my mattress. Put sheets into the dryer. Now sitting in the den, wide awake.

In some ways I'm glad that she peed somewhere that I noticed immediately and could then take care of before it stained, instead of in the pit of despair I call my room (i.e. on my clothes, which my floor is covered in). But in other ways, it's my mattress, the place where I sleep. Hopefully the smell goes away, with enough cleaning. (And the thing is, I don't have that great a sense of smell. What if I don't smell it, but others can?)

Why couldn't the cat have found a nice corner of uncovered carpet and peed there? Or rather, MEOW - which let me tell you she is quite proficient at - so that I let her out??

Fic: Turn and Face the Strange

Title: Turn and Face the Strange
Fandom: Merlin
Characters: Gwen, Arthur, (A/G), Merlin, Elyan, Gwaine, other knights, and OCs
Rating: R
Word Count: 3.383
Disclaimer: I don’t own Merlin. Surprise, surprise.
Spoilers: For some S4 stuff.
Summary: Although Gwen does enjoy no longer having to hide her love for Arthur, she wishes that it didn’t put her so firmly in the public eye.
A/N: This is a super, super late fic for rubberglue that she won in a charity bidding auction. Apologies once again! She asked for something along the lines of the servants’ reaction to the kiss in 3x12. It’s… sort of that, with other stuff to make the 3,000 words I promised.
I guess you could say it’s my thoughts on what should happen between S3 & S4. It’s unintentionally similar with threemeows’ awesome fic because we apparently share the same head space. It’s a little creepy.
Title comes from “Changes” by David Bowie. (Although some argue that the lyrics are “turn and face the strain”.) Once again, couldn’t think of a title. This fic is about changes. Even though the song and fic are about different types of changes. But whatever.

“He is going to marry you, isn’t he? That’s what everyone says.”Collapse )

120 and unashamed

Meme from mustbethursday3 and ella_rose88. I was bored and like movies.

SUPPOSEDLY if you've seen over 85 films, you have no life. Mark the ones you've seen. There are 239 films on this list. Copy this list, post to your LJ/DW and paste this as a note. Then, put +'s next to the films you've seen, add them up, and use your number as the header.

I also disagree with the the "you have no life" conclusion. It doesn't mean I have no life. It means I like movies. It means I enjoy watching movies with friends and family. (sometimes making movies into drinking games. which, fyi, drinking every time something ridiculous happens for Evil Dead 2 is a bad idea - or a good idea. we now refer to that night as such because it was just all downhill from there.)

Here's my listCollapse )



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